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CEO's Message

Dreaming of happy green world with steel...
  • Make your life more convenient! Make the world more beautiful!
  • We, Sinhwa Steel Co., Ltd., are a steel distribution company located at Changwon National Industrial Complex in Palyong-dong of Changwon city, with Gyeongnam's largest facilities and manpower, renewing the face of the steel composite department
    Since founded in 1991, when the steel industry was the pillar of industry, Sinhwa has been walking the single path of steel sector so, and now is reborn as a healthy and myth-creating company with customer satisfying management putting customer value on top-priority, family-friendly management caring about employees and their families, and culture management.
  • Green Iron - Sinhwa Steel
  • "Dreaming of Happy Green World with Steel...""
  • Sinhwa has grown into a most competitive company providing 'one-stop steel distribution services' with preparedness for the changes in industry trends, various products and custom processing, thorough service for customers, and latest equipment and automated systems in shot blast / painting divisions
    Sinhwa promises to continue to fulfill customers' needs with the best quality and the best services, and with the best shipping system that accurately and quickly processes and delivers a variety of steel products. We will always be with customers until the day when we become a first class enterprise in Changwon National Industrial Complex.
  • We thank you again for our customers' unwavering love
  • H.S. Jung President, Sinhwa Steel